We are TxJet

As the demand for lifesaving organ transplants grows, so does the demand for organ pilots. We’re always looking for great talent. Interested in a career at TxJet? Submit your resume today.


TxJet Perks

  • Opportunity to contribute directly to lifesaving efforts
  • Generous employer retirement plan contributions
  • Bonus eligibility based on individual and organizational performance
  • Excellent health insurance with broad network of providers, low premiums and high employer HSA contributions
  • Tuition reimbursement options
  • 12 days off per month
  • Superior work-life balance, flexible work hours
  • Exceptional training and simulation support
  • Company provided life insurance, as well as short/long term disability protection

Why TxJet over other airlines?

  • “Our pilots were hired on fully embracing the mission of helping to save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation – this is why I wanted to work at TxJet. This is unlike any other charter operation because our mission is not a supplementary duty; TxJet specializes in organ recovery operations.”
    - Brian Davis, First Officer
  • “It's the quality of the flying that matters. It's not just about the flexible schedule, great pay and benefits. You use your skills to help improve people’s lives.”
    - Jeff Simpkins, Captain

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