Saving lives through aviation innovation

Organ donors are heroes. TxJet exists to transport their lifesaving gifts to transplant recipients as safely and quickly as possible.

TxJet, named using the medical community’s shorthand for “transplant,” started as a passion-fueled innovation to save more lives by decreasing the critical timing between organ recovery and transplantation. Today, our highly specialized aviation service is the best in the industry, working with transplant centers and organ procurement organizations nationwide.

What it means to Fly Better and Save Lives

Nationwide, more than 100,000 people are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants. At TxJet, we understand that in organ donation and transplantation, minutes and hours matter. We provide safe and timely organ transport to help our partner transplant centers and organ procurement organizations save more lives by:

decreasing time to transplant

Minimizing time between organ recovery and transplantation, leading to better outcomes.

decreasing expense

Delivering expert aviation services that are exclusive to organ transplant.

providing dependable availability

Providing 24/7 reliable availability with one phone call.

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Since 2014, our passion-fueled pilots have flown more than 2,500 lifesaving flights.

As a nationwide service, TxJet has delivered lifesaving organs for transplant recipients in 42 states.

From 2014-2020, TxJet has flown the equivalent of nearly SEVEN trips to the moon.