TxJet began as a passion-fueled innovation to save more lives.

Indiana Donor Network realized more lives could be saved if donated organs could travel both safer and faster to a recipient – advancing the donation process and the critical timing between recovery and transplantation.

Today, our safety-focused operation, speed, value and specialized service that transplant teams require is the best in the industry.

Five Year Anniversary

Since 2014, our passion-fueled pilots have flown more than 2,000 lifesaving organs.

In 2018, TxJet flew 495 lifesaving flights.

From 2014-2018, TxJet has flown the equivalent of FOUR trips to the moon.

What it means to Fly Better and Save Lives

TxJet provides a safe and transparent aviation solution to partner transplant centers
and organ procurement organizations.

We are committed to helping you save more lives by:

decreasing time to transplant

decreasing time
to transplant

decreasing expense

decreasing expense associated
with transport

providing dependable availability

providing 24/7 dependable
availability with one phone call

  • “I want to express the professionalism and flexibility of the TxJet staff. It has been a wonderful experience working with the crew.”
    - Barry C. Massa, Executive Director, LifeCenter
  • “For LifeCenter staff, the relationship with TxJet has made this process more efficient and effective.”
    - Barry C. Massa, Executive Director, LifeCenter
  • “We’ve got 13,000 employees world-wide. We love airplanes. We love all of our customers, but delivering a jet like this with the mission that TxJet has is really special.”
    - Ron Draper, President and CEO, Textron Aviation
  • “Fantastic planes. Pilots are engaged and helpful. Very happy with the service.”

Questions to ask when choosing your next provider:

 YesNoNot Sure
Are you listed as additionally insured on every aircraft your teams travel on?
Do you carry at least $100M in coverage on every aircraft your teams travel on?
Does your charter operation participate in meaningful accreditation? i.e. CAMTS – CARB – IS-BAO
Does your charter operation require level D simulation training annually?
Do they operate ALL operations under part 135?
Are aircraft less than 10 years old?
Have you had an aviation maintenance/safety audit completed?

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