We’re Here to Save Lives

TxJet is a 501(c)(3) subsidiary of Indiana Donor Network, the state’s federally designated organ procurement organization. Indiana Donor Network’s mission is to save and heal lives through organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation. TxJet extends that mission by ensuring that each donor’s gift of life is transported to transplant recipients quickly and safely.


Before TxJet, transplant centers and organ procurement organizations relied on charter companies for organ transport. Charter companies are neither specialized in organ transplant nor held to uniform safety standards. Tragically, accidents occurred resulting in the loss of medical teams and organs intended for transplant. In order to transport organs and transplant teams safely and efficiently, Indiana Donor Network set out to develop an aviation program exclusively dedicated to this task.

After organ recovery, a donor’s gift must be transplanted into the recipient within hours for the operation to be successful. That’s where TxJet comes in. By having a dedicated aviation service on call 24/7/365, we ensure that each donor’s gift results in lives saved.

Facts about our aircraft

cruise speed

Cruise Speed:484 MPH

max weight

Max Weight:13,870 Pounds

max altitude

Max Altitude:45,000 FeetMore info



specialty platform

Specially designed platform for transmedic device 

Where we have flown

Where we have flown

  • TxJet
  • TxJet
  • TxJet
  • TxJet
  • TxJet

Meet Our Team

  • All ATP certified
  • Two pilots operate aircraft at all times
  • All pilots type rated and captain qualified
  • Pilots employed by TxJet
  • Part 135 duty day at all times
  • First class physical required continuously
Kellie Tremain, CEO

Kellie Tremain, CEO

Steve Johnson, COO

Steve Johnson, COO

Jamie Adams

Jamie Adams, Director, Aviation

Jeff Simpkins

Jeff Simpkins, Manager, Aviation Services

Edwin Hall

Edwin Hall, Captain

Pete Honkomp

Pete Honkomp, Captain

Roger Law

Roger Law, Captain

Jonathan Rifkin

Jonathan Rifkin, Captain

Fred Robbins

Fred Robbins, Captain

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw, Captain

Adam Andrews

Adam Andrews, First Officer

Zack Dillion

Zack Dillion, First Officer

Scott Moreland

Scott Moreland, First Officer

Kody Nering

Kody Nering, First Officer

Vicente Quiroga

Vicente Quiroga, First Officer

Brandon Snyder

Brandon Snyder, First Officer

Ken Justice

Ken Justice, Manager, Maintenance

Make a difference. Join our team.

As the demand for lifesaving organ transplants grows, so does the demand for organ pilots. We’re always looking for great talent. Interested in a career at TxJet?

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